SHIBUI Organic Multi-Purpose Sanitizer Spray – Instant Surface & Air Disinfectant (500ML)


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Tired of looking for a sanitizer spray that is organic, alcohol-free and able to disinfect and kill viruses at the same time?

SHIBUI Organic Multi-Purpose Sanitizer is a food grade sanitizer that is alcohol-free and able to disinfect most bacteria & viruses including Coronavirus. It is made from Benzalkonium Chloride or Quaternary Ammonium Compound, an organic salt that is proven effective against Coronavirus (recognized by Singapore National Environment Agency).

This spray is very convenient to use at home or bring along for work and traveling. It offers immediate disinfection and deodorization in situations where you need urgent protection.

Ideas for Usage:
🏡 At home, you can leave it on your doorstep so that you can spray on your body and hand before you enter your home; or you can use it to spray delivery parcels.
🏢 At work, it acts as a hand sanitizer and you can spray over your body after coming in contact with too many people. 🚚 You can also use it to spray on food delivery or when you receive your parcels and packaging.
🚌 When you are moving around in public transportation, you can spray on yourself after that. During travel, you can spray it on hotel pillows, toilet and minibar.
👘 For Muslim ladies, the spray will help to sanitize and deodorize the ‘tudung’.
🧍‍♂️ Spray on body. *Remember to close your eyes and wear a mask prior to spraying.

This sanitizer can be used to sanitize and deodorize refrigerator and microwave oven. Both appliances are very often neglected in terms of cleanliness and hygiene; especially the one in the office. Leftover bits of food, crumbs and liquids are primed to cultivate bacteria and viruses that is bad for human and also produces bad odors.

✅ Shibui SF Sanitizer contains active compound (Benzalkonium Chloride or Quaternary Ammonium Compound) which is proven effective against Coronavirus (recognized by Singapore National Environment Agency)
✅ Effectiveness against 99.9% of viruses & bacteria including, yeast, fungi, algae, gram negative/positive organism (eg Staphylococcus, E.Coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas Aereginosa)
✅ Organic & Alcohol Free
✅ Food Grade (non-corrosive to metal and does not irritate skin); Certified With SIRIM Eco Label
✅ Safe for kids, pregnant women, elderly
✅ Safe for office equipment or machines and household electrical appliances
✅ Halal certified
✅ Organic

SHIBUI has created a range of solutions for air & surface disinfectant for family and business protection.

Spray directly onto surface and wipe with a kitchen towel. Do not rinse. It is recommended to conduct spot test on painted surfaces prior to application.
If you are spraying on the body, please remember to close your eyes and wear a mask prior to spraying.

Net Weight Variants: 500ml
Clear Colorless Liquid
PH Neat: 5-8
All purpose cleaning solution that helps in sanitation and disinfection
Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Uses
HALAL & SIRIM Eco Label Certified
No Rinsing Is Required

SHIBUI is a well-established air care, air treatment and disinfectant company in Malaysia. During pandemic, SHIBUI provides air treatment & disinfectant solution to multinational companies to ensure their offices can continue to operate safely. SHIBUI is also part of Fujiaire Malaysia who has been pioneered numerous innovations in the air-conditioning segment including the launch of Malaysia’s first innovative ionizer technology in 1996; and introduction of a range of cutting-edge air-conditioners with UV Air Sterilization.

Being an Indoor Air Quality specialist and integrated energy solution provider, Shibui Malaysia’s core business and strength is built offering people with good air quality and energy solutions.

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