Commercial Energy Management System is enabling user to have an effective and efficient energy management which leads to consistent energy saving by deploying 4 principle products to monitor, control and optimize energy performance.

Energy Monitoring

Monitor energy consumption (peak demand) and reconciling to the grid.

Power Quality

Track phase voltage, frequency, power factor and current continually. Conduct evaluation when transient in electrical power system occurs.

Energy Asset Management

A systematic process of profiling and evaluating towards distributed energy resources (DES) assets to achieve the highest system performance at the lowest maintenance cost.

Energy Analytics

Defining key performance indicators (e.g. consumption data such as power, water, and gas), track real-time energy cost and create “Energy Cube”.

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Maevi is a subsidiary of TNB Energy Services specializing in Home Automation, Energy Monitoring & Management System and System Integration & Software Development. Maevi provides contemporary Smart Home System through mobile application.


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Home Automation

In connect and control of home devices through internet and accessibly remotely

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Energy Monitoring & Management System

A system designed to achieve energy efficiency through optimization process and timely report

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System Integration & Software Development

To track and analyze the equipment in order to reduce energy costs and consumptions of building and communities

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Commercial and Industrial: Office, Retail, Restaurant, Hospital, Shopping Mall, Hotel etc.
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Residential and Housing: Apartment, Condominium, Multi-Family etc.