Indoor Air Quality and Hygiene Solutions

Shibui Air Quality Specialists offer optimized solutions to individuals and enterprises to mitigate a variety of air quality problems such as allergies, throat irritation, unpleasant smell in your house or office triggered by nasty dirt, dust, mould, bacteria and many more.




Retail & Offices


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Particle Count Methodology

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Mould / Bacteria Test

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29-Point Check Approach

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Patented & Hybrid Technology

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Sick Building Syndromes

At Shibui, our Air Quality Experts continuously introduce cutting edge technology through collaborative research with marketing specialists, third party R&D institutions and manufacturers. With thorough comprehension of customer needs and requirements, Shibui provides you a comfy and healthy environment through quality of air for life.

Eye Irritation


Sore Throat

Respiratory Problem

Skin Problem

Muscle Aches

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Business in Category 1

Offices & shops with windows access/open air

Business in Category 2

Enclosed air-conditioned spaces without mechanical ventilation provision

Business in Category 3

Commercial office building, shopping mall, hotel, convention center, cinema, air-conditioned factory with aircond system