1. What is Silver Ion?

    For centuries, Silver Ion has been known for its unique disinfectant properties. The Silver Ion filter installed in every Fujiaire air-conditioner is designed to instantly kill airborne germs, giving you clean, healthy cool air.

  2. What is Vitamin – C?

    The Vitamin C filter fill the air with vitamin c, which soften the skin and reduces stress and has therapeutic benefits.

  3. Why is ice forming on the copper pipes of the condenser unit?

    If there is ice on the discharge pipe (the smaller pipe), it is due to insufficient gas in the system.

    If there is ice on the suction pipe (the large pipe), it could be caused by a dirty fan coil or filter, or a malfunctioned indoor unit blower.

  4. Why is water leaking out of the air-conditioner?

    It could be a case of:

    • dirt accumulation in the drainage pipe
    • dirt accumulation in the air-conditioner
    • insufficient refrigerant
    • poor gradient of the drainage pipe, or the rear of the units is installed slightly lower than the front, which causes water to accumulate at the back of the air-conditioner.
  5. Why is the air-conditioner so noisy?

    The blower and coil may be dirty. If it is an outdoor unit, the noise may also come from vibration due to an uneven wall surface, a glass partition, or a thin plywood partition.

  6. How should I keep my air-conditioner in good condition?

    Clean the air filter once every two weeks with a vacuum cleaner, or wash it with lukewarm water. You can also engage a contractor to service your air-conditioner at least once every two years.

  7. How often should I service my air-conditioner?

    Ideally twice a year to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid problems that may occur in the future.

  8. What does the warranty cover?

    Every purchase comes with a standard 1-year warranty that covers all parts and labour costs. When you register online, you’ll get an extra 2nd and 3rd year warranty that covers all parts for free.

    Which means by registering online, you get to enjoy a complete 3-year warranty. That’s Fujiaire’s 3-year body warranty, a first in the industry.

  9. What is the skin series design model made of?

    The skin series design are graphic images design by our designers and printed on “3M” stickers. Only the front of the indoor casing are covered with the stickers. Both left and right section of the indoor casing are not covered by the stickers.

  10. How should I clean the skin stickers design?

    You can clean by wiping with a damp cloth gently and no detergent is needed. Please do not use high pressure water jet to clean the front panel casing with the sticker.

  11. How do I select the correct horse power for my room?

    Table below provides an understanding of the required horse power for the respective room sizes.

    Room SizeAir Conditioner Unit Size (Hp)
    12 x 12 ft< 1
    14 x 14 ft1 – 15
    14 x 16 ft1.5
    15 x 16 ft1.5 – 2.0
    18 x 18 ft2.0 – 2.5
    21 x 21 ft2.5 – 3.0