Disinfection Services

Our Focus on :-

Shibui Disinfectant Tunnel Package Inclusive

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Inflatable Tunnel c/w Blower motor

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Ultrasonic Fog Sterilizer Disinfectant

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SF Sanitizer

Total Solution for Disinfection Services

Disinfectant Services based on size area

disinfectant srvs
disinfectant srvs

Our Delivery Method: Ultrasonic Fog Sterilizer


Rated Power: 300W
Product Size: 600mm x360mm x 750mm
Weight: 30.5kg
Atomize: 5liltre/5kg
Bottle Size: 6 Litre
Area Covered: 15,000-20,000 sqft

UFS 02 – Ultrasonic Fog Sterilizer (Big)



Rated power: 75W
2.5 KG
Tank Volume:
600ml (Working time 30mins)
Product Size:
340mm x 250mm x 270mm

UFS 03 – Ultrasonic Mist Sterilizer (Mini)

Benefits of Ultrasonic Mist Sterilizer

shibui ultrasonic mist sterilizer

Type of chemical used - SF Sanitizer

Active ingredient – Quaternary Ammonium Compound or scientifically known as “Benzalkonium Chloride”

Proven effective against Coronavirus (refer to circular from National Environment Agency, Singapore – next page)

SF Sanitizer is developed for food industry, so it’s very safe (will not corrode metal & will not irritate skin)

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Halal Certificate & Eco License

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Points from DG of Health

Not effective against Covid-19

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Harmful to Human Body i.e. Eyes & Mouth

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Benefits of Ultrasonic Mist Sterilizer

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Portable Ultrasonic Fog Sterilizer Disinfectant


Dimensions: 90*23*30cm
Voltage: 220/50hz or 110V/60hz
Motor Power: 100W
Fog Outlet: 2L/H
Water Tank Capacity: 15L
Wall Power/Battery: Wall Power
Infrared Sensor: Yes
Applying Space: 9-15sqm